miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Exersise on Prepositions. 1

Exercise on Prepositions – Time

Fill in the correct prepositions.
  1. Peter is playing tennis on Sunday.
  2. My brother's birthday is on the 5th of November.
  3. My birthday is in May.
  4. We are going to see my parents at the weekend.
  5. In 1666, a great fire broke out in London.
  6. I don't like walking alone in the streets at night.
  7. What are you doing in the afternoon?
  8. My friend has been living in Canada for two years.
  9. I have been waiting for you since seven o'clock.
  10. I will have finished this essay by Friday.

Exersise on Prepositions. 2

Choose the correct prepositions.
  • What are you doing at the weekend?
  • I don't know yet. Maybe I'll go to the cinema on Saturday.
  • That's interesting. I haven't been to the cinema for so many years.
  • We could go there together in the afternoon.
  • That would be great. But I would prefer to go there in the evening. I am visiting my grandma on Saturday.
  • That's okay. The film starts at eight o'clock.
  • I can pick you up at half past seven. How long does the film last?
  • It lasts for two hours and forty-five minutes.
  • From eight till a quarter to eleven.
  • That's right. But I must hurry home after the film. I have to be home by eleven o'clock.

About me.

My name is Aleidys Montaner, i'm 23 years old, i'm studying hard to be a good graphic designer.
I live in Maracaibo, I'm married  i live wih my husband my cellphone number is 0424-6278503
I love dancing, going out with my friends and family. I also love spending time with my husband. I love going shopping.
My dream is to finish my career with excelent grades and have a stable job.

My Week!

My week is very busy,  on mornings from 8 to 9:40am i have Photography Class, i love it. At nights i go to the cinema with my husband. On thuesday morning i haven't so much to do just watch tv or do the homework if i have but in the afternoon i have Graphic Design class from 6pm until 8pm. On Wednesday i have Graphoc Design class again but at night from 8pm to 9:20pm. On thursday i have english class in the mornings and i visit my mother at night. On Fridays i spend almost all my day at the university because i have Photography class whole morning and Graphic Design class at night until 9pm. On saturdays my favourite day i spend almost all day sleeping in the afternoons i visit my mother and at night sometimes i go out with my husband.